There were three different web applications to choose from throughout the process of creating an instructional activity. The applications consisted of Glogster, Jing, and Prezi. I did research on all three of the web applications, however, Glogster was my favorite, so that is what I chose to work with. 

Each of these web applications would be beneficial in my future classroom because they will allow students to interact with the technology that is available to them and it provides students the chance to focus on a visual representation learning style. 

In my future, I would use each of these web applications. I would undoubtedly use Glogster at any time considering it was my favorite; however, I would use Prezi too. I had a rather easy time creating my poster on Glogster. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed working on it. I would recommend all teachers to use it if they ever needed to. 

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